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Buy An Established Company In Estonia

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If you intend to obtain an established company in Estonia but you are lack of knowledge about all the requirements and rules of that country, we can offer you our qualified aid. Our specialists are ready to arrange a complete package of necessary documents to start business in Estonia. All our offered companies are ready to start business from the early days of their purchase. Moreover, all of these companies have a good activity history and they have no debts or other liabilities.

We Offer to Purchase an Established Company in Estonia :

Purchase of an established company –As a rule, a foreigner prefers to buy already registered companies. The purchase process of a ready-made company is not complicated. You just need to know that in Estonia a sale and purchase of a company is confirmed in presence of a notary only. Before the deal, you have to book an appointment time in advance and submit all the necessary documents to the notary. In case of absence of the client it is possible to act according to a power of attorney.

In order to get the VAT code necessary for trade and commerce relations, you must apply necessary documents to the Tax and Custom Office of Estonia. Any company registered in Estonia can apply for registration as VAT payer and get this code.

Necessary Documents to Purchase an Established Company :

  • Your passport copy;
  • Residence address;
  • Contact data (telephone number, e-mail address, skype);
  • Power of attorney approved by a notary ;
  • Distribution of shares if there are more than one purchaser.

Purchase Procedure of an Established Company in Estonia:

  1. The Client sends us all the necessary data (passport copy, e-mail address, telephone number etc.) to our e-mail
  2. After signing the Contract, the Client pays an advance payment of 50 % of total amount.
  3. Within a week, we prepare necessary documents and send them by e-mail to the Client.
  4. After receipt of the documents, the Client prints them out and signs them, gets an approval from a notary and sends the documents back to us by registered mail.
  5. Upon receipt if the documents from the Client, we will have to register amendments with the State institutions. The procedure takes about 2 weeks.
  6. When the documents are ready, we send the approved copies of the documents to the Client by e-mail.
  7. After receipt of the documents, the Client pays the remaining 50%of the amount for the services.
  8. When we receive the rest part of the fee, we send all arranged documents by registered mail or the documents are ready to be picked them up in our Office.

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