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Buy established company in Denmark

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We can help you to acquire a Danish ready-made company and start your own business in Denmark within 1 working day.

Our offered Danish companies are in good condition and do not have any debts or other obligations. We are fully responsible for selling companies in Europe.

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What Is an Established Danish Firm?

An established Danish company is usually a ready-made company without any action, registered \in Denmark 1-2 months ago. The company has a universal name that is why it can carry out any activity. If you want to save time – such company will be the best decision. An already established enterprise (ready-made / ready to use company) in Denmark, and it will let you operate business on the same day - all the documents and company stamp are prepared. . It is necessary only  to wait for the bank account to be opened in your name; the procedure takes 7 days. More information and prices of the company’s in Denmark maintenance.

Danish Companies with Good Performance History

Acquire a ready-made company in Denmark, which already has a history, has been  running some kind of business and has been established for 1-10 years. Among other advantages like any debts or other obligations, no assets or employees, a ready-made company has some work experience with the annual turnover and bookkeeping in good condition. Tthat is why the owner of such company will seem credible to his/ her customers, banks or other institutions.  - Generally speaking, a customer buys prestige.

Danish Company with VAT Code

It is not necessary to have a VAT code for your company. Mostly, it depends on the turnover of the sold or provided goods/services. If a company sells goods or services per year for a sum exceeding DKK 50.000 before VAT (6.707 EUR), than it must have a VAT code. If the company does not reach this limit, the owner is free to decide whether have or not a VAT code.

Example of VAT Recovery in Denmark

A company in Denmark with the VAT code has recoverable VAT, so our specialists can help you to recover it from the tax office. For example: your Danish company with a VAT code purchases goods from Denmark for $ 100,000 + 21% VAT = 121 000 USD, and sold them to the Polish company, which also has a Polish VAT code, for $ 110 000, in which case the VAT rate will be 0% (goods within the European Union countries).Therefore, the Danish Tax Inspectorate will have to return you 21% of the input VAT, which is $ 21 000. The same applies if you buy in the EU country where you have registered your company and sell the goods to a third country: Russia, Belarus, Australia, USA and so on.

How to Buy a Ready-Made Company in Denmark?

It is very convenient for you not have to come to our office on purpose to acquire an already registered company in Denmark. Just send us a color copy of your passport, address and a document confirming it , your phone number and email address to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next. To save your time, you can buy a company online in our e-shop.

We offer online services, we can send documents directly to your home address anywhere in the world for our clients’ convenience. The action sequences the following:


No./Action   Buying Danish company by emailBuying Danish company online
1Send us documents and the required information (copy of passport, your email, address, telephone number) by email info@bon.ltMake a reservation of the Danish ready-made company in our online shop 
2Pay 50%  advance payment  to initiate the processPay 50 USD reservation fee, which will be later deducted from the company price
3 We prepare necessary documents for the Client to sign within a week  and send them by email (up to 7 days)   
4 The Client prints out the documents  pursuant to the instruction, signs them, gets an approval from a notary and sends them back to us by a post courier (it will take 7 days until we get the documents)  
5 After we receive the documents, it will take about 2-3 weeks to arrange a full package of documents for the Client (up to 21 days) 
6 When the documents are ready, the Performer scans and sends to the Client the business registration certificate by email and requests the Client for the remaining 50% of payment (it could take up to 15 minutes) 
7 The Client pays the remaining amount (it could take up to 3 days) 
8 Then we send the documents to the Client by express courier (it could take up to 3 days) 

You will get and possess your Danish company documents, records and stamp within a month. Usually,  the practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks.

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