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Danish residence permit renewal

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We could help you to prepare necessary documents for Danish Residence Permit renewal / extension.

On the basis of business establishment, a Temporary Residence Permit is issued for one year period. Later, you will have to renew it. A request to extend a residence permit should be delivered at least 2 months before existing permit expires. It should be noted that every time the Migration Department will check and evaluate your business activities. Moreover, in order to extend a residence  permit, it will be required, among other documents, to provide financial statements.

Documentation for Temporary Residence Permit Renewal in Denmark

In order to successfully renew a residence permit in Denmark, the Migration Department will ask you to provide the company's financial statements, cooperation contracts with customers, agreements on office leases, etc. The Migration Department will also check whether the taxes are paid. If you do not pay taxes or do not have activity in your company, you could lose your Temporary Residence Permit of Denmark.

 We Will Take Care of the Residence Permit Renewal

Our experts are working in this field for a long time, so we will prepare all necessary documents. Regular and close work with the Migration Department will let you extend a residence permit without any problems. Thus, you will save your time and money. From our side, all the documents will be prepared within few weeks.

Permanent Residence Permit of Denmark

After 5 years of legal living in Denmark (with a Temporary Residence Permit), you will get a possibility to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. A person should apply with the required documents and applications (we will help to complete applications and provide needful consultations) to the Denmark Embassy in your country or to the Migration Department of Denmark personally to be identified with the passport. Moreover, it is necessary to pay all fees. The Migration Department will take its decision  within 3 months.

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