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How to employ a foreigner in Sweden?

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We will help to employ company a foreign worker from the third countries (Russia, Belarus, the USA, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.) in Sweden. We will help to obtain a required work permit for your company and employee. If the employment contract period is more than three months, a foreign worker will also be required to have a Swedish residence permit. If it is less than for three months - a residence permit is not required.

Requirements for a Work Permit:

  • Application for a work and residence permit.
  • A worker must have a written offer of work in Sweden made out on a special form (AMS PF 101704) which an employer can obtain from the employment office. 
  • An employer must guarantee that a worker would get minimum wage of of SEK 13,000 per month before taxes.
  • A foreigner must have an address of registration in Sweden.

First time, a foreign employee applies for a work permit at the Embassy or Consulate of Sweden.



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