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Latvian Residence Permit Renewal

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We can offer you a comprehensive help in renewing Latvian temporary residence permit. In order to renew a temporary residence permit, a foreigner must apply personally to the Migration Department two months before expiration of the existing residence permit. With or help your documents will arranged and submitted in time. The temporary residence permit will be renewed annually within 5 years period. Upon 5 years of residence in Latvia, there is a possibility to apply for permanent residence permit that will be issued for the period of 5 years without annual renewal.

The documents necessary for renewal of the Latvian temporary residence permit:
•    The documents confirming absence of any debts for purchased property, if the temporary residence permit was obtained after purchase of real estate;
•    Bank certificate confirming that the client still has a subordinate loan if the temporary residence permit was obtained with bank deposit in one of Latvian banks;
•    Company financial statements, cooperation agreements with clients, office rental agreements and other documents, if the temporary residence permit was obtained after purchase of a Latvian company;
•    Health insurance confirming document valid within the period of residence in Latvia meeting the requirements of Description of Foreigners Health Insurance Procedure.

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