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Polish Temporary Residence Permit

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We can help you to prepare all necessary documents with  residence permit.  Our consultants will answer all questions related with obtaining it. 

Receive Polish Temporary Residence Permit from us and you will be able to live, work and do business in Poland. Moreover, with a Polish residence permit you can travel through whole Schengen area. We offer immigration services by registering a new company. Or, you can buy an already established company in Poland. One limited liability company can include 1 -3 shareholders. You can obtain residency in Poland for one year. The decision in the Migration Department of Poland will be made within 45 days after your application.  Then The Polish Migration Department will give you a plastic card (permission) to reside in Poland for one year. On expiry of this period, 2 months before the end of the current valid residence permit, you are required to refer to the Migration Department for extension of the existing residence permit.

Advantage – you can apply for a residence permit in the nearest Polish embassy (you do not need to come to Poland to apply for it) or come to Poland and apply in the Polish Migration Department.

Polish Residence Permit Procedure Details

1The Client sends us the required details (a copy of passport, address of living, email adress, telephone number) to to initiate the process or buys a temporary residence permit now. Then, we sign a contract, the Client pays an advance payment of 50% of    total amount.
2We prepare the necessary documents within 1 week and send them to the Client‘s email. The Client prints out the documents pursuant to the instruction iven, signs and sends them back to us  by a express mail courier.
3Then, we receive the documents and prepare all necessary documents within 3 weeks and we will get approvals from the Government Insitutions for the Client (Company and TRP documents - full package)
4When a company and TRP documents are ready we scan and send them to the Client by email and request the Client to pay the remaining 50% of the amount.
5After we receive the remaining payment, documents will be sent via post courier
6After the Client receives the documents, he/ she makes an appointment in the nearest Polish Embassy. He/ he delivers the documents to the Embassy and pays the documents submission fee
7A submission decision has to be taken  within 45 days or faster upon the Migration Department receives documents from the Embassy you have submitted the documents to.
8After the positive decision is made, the Client has to apply to the Embassy within few weeks at the latest to get a short-term national type D visa on the basis of TRP approval. 
9The Client  comes  to Poland immediately, goes to the Migration Department to apply for a plastic residency card
10The plastic residency card is issued for a period of one year within 5 working days
11From now, the foreigner has the right to live in Poland, travel through all Schengen member zone countries and do business for a period of one year. Two months before expiration of his / her TRP, the Client has to apply for a TRP renewal and provide his/ her tax and business activity documents

Bring Your Family to Schengen Zone

If a company's shareholder has already a TRP, his/her wife or husband and children can automatically apply for a Temporary Residence Permit in Poland. They have to provide standard documents – an application form, photos, passport copies, copy of birth certificate and prove that they will have enough money to live in Poland. Usually, if a person has already a TRP tend w orks, it is his/ her family's source of income. Moreover, the family can also arrive and visit the family member, with visa.

Permanent Residence Permit to live in Poland

To receive a Permanent Residence Permit in Poland, the Client must live in Poland for 5 years, pay taxes, and pass a Polish language exam. You can obtain the Polish Passport after 10 years of living in Poland.


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