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Business Licenses and Permits in Lithuania

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In Lithuania established companies can take some kind of activities and work only with a license or permit. In order to be able to engage certain activity, you may need to proof your additional skills and work place suitability, because unsatisfactory performance of certain activities can create threats to human health and life, personal property, their rights and legitimate interests. Thus, licensing of certain activities aims at ensuring the necessary additional skills possession and avoid threats.

For each licensed activity the Government approve the licensing rules (Civil Code, article 2.78 part 1). Licensing rules specifies licensed activity, the licensing authority and power, required documents for license, the examination of documents and other procedures. The license is issued for an indefinite period if all requirements and conditions set by licensing rules are fulfilled.


The main activities, which need necessary licenses or permits are:

  • Transportation of people;
  • Transportation of load;
  • Catering
  • Construction;
  • Alcohol and tobacco production and sales;
  • Pharmaceutical activities;
  • Oil products manufacturing and sales.


In Lithuania there is no single licensing system, as well as there is no single authority issuing them, so our experienced staff will consult and advise you about licensing and permitting issues, will help you prepare all the necessary documents and assist you submitting prepared documents for required authority. For catering companies we can help get a permit and hygiene passport.


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