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Buy established company in Lithuania

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If you decided to purchase a company in Lithuania, our consulants can offer two ways:

1. Purchase new company (ready made or shelf company),
2. Purchase running business in Lithuania

Buy a Lithuanian ready-made company and start your own business easily in Lithuania within 1 working day. All our offered Lithuanian companies are in good condition and do not have any debts or other obligations. We take full responsibility for selling companies in Europe.

What is an Established Lithuanian Company? 

Lithuanian established limited liability companies (ready-made / ready to use companies) are usually ready-made companies without any action, registered 1-2 months ago in Lithuania. The company has a universal name that is why it can carry out any activity. These Lithuanian ready-made companies are often chosen by the customers, who want to save time and do not want to wait until the new business will be established. When buying an enterprise established in Lithuania (ready-made / ready to use company), you can operate it on the same day, because all the documents and the Lithuanian company stamp are ready. It is necessary only to wait for the bank account to be opened in your name; the procedure takes i7 days. The bank account can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Lithuanian Companies with Good Performance History

We also sell and offer to acquire the ready-made company in Lithuania, which already has its history, has been running some kind of business and has been established for  a period of 1-10 years. Such company does not have any debts or other obligations. Such company has a long-time work experience, with the annual turnover and bookkeeping in good condition. That is why the owner of such company will seem to be credible to his customers, banks or other institutions. These ready-made companies have no assets or employees, generally speaking, a customer buys prestige.

Lithuanian Company with a License

We can offer ready-made companies registered in Lithuania with the operating license such as: transport (TIR), construction, etc., which are in force and are approved by the Lithuanian authorities. Due to the fact that there are not many companies with the history such companies are more expensive, but more valuable as compared with newly created firms.

Lithuanian Company with VAT Code

If you intend to engage in trade in Lithuania, your company will have to have a VAT (Value Added Tax) code, which is provided by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate We can offer you a company already having a VAT code on your request. Getting a VAT code is executed under strict fiscal control of the Inspection, so it is not easy to get and it takes time. Companies with a VAT code in Lithuania are a little more expensive and a lot more valuable than companies without a VAT code.

Example of VAT Recovery in Lithuania

If you are already operating or intend to acquire a company in Lithuania with a VAT code and the company has recoverable VAT, our specialists will help to recover VAT from the tax office within one month. For example, your Lithuanian company with a VAT code purchases goods from Lithuania for $ 100,000 + 21% VAT = 121 000 USD, and sells them to a Polish company, which also has a Polish VAT number, for $ 110 000, in which case the VAT rate will be 0% (goods within the European Union countries). Therefore, the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate must return you 21% of the input VAT, which is $ 21 000. The same applies if you buy in the EU country where you have registered your company and sell goods to a third country: Russia, Belarus, Australia, USA and so on.

How to Buy a Ready-Made Company in Lithuania? 

In order to buy an already registered company in Lithuania, you do not need to come to our office. You just need to send us a copy of your passport, to specify your address, phone number and email address to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next. To save your time, you can buy a company online in our e-shop .

We offer online services, we can send documents directly to your home address anywhere in the world for our clients’ convenience. The action sequence is the following:


Buying Lithuanian company by emailBuying Lithuanian company online
1Send us documents and the required information (copy of passport, your email, address, telephone number) by email info@bon.ltMake a reservation of the Lithuanian ready-made company in our online shop
2Pay an advance payment of 50 percents of total amount to initiate the processPay a 50 USD reservation fee, which will be deducted from the company price later
3We prepare necessary documents for the Client to sign within a week  and send them by email (up to 7 days) 
4The Client prints out the documents  pursuant to the instruction, signs them, gets an approval from a notary and sends them back to us by a post courier (it will take 7 days until we get the documents) 
5receive the documents, it will take about 2-3 weeks to arrange a full package of documents for the Client (up to 21 days)
6When the documents are ready, we scan and sends to the Client the business registration certificate by email and requests the Client for the remaining 50% of payment (it could take up to 15 minutes)
7The Client pays the remaining amount (it could take up to 3 days)
8We then send the documents to the Client by express courier (it could take up to 3 days)

 You will have a Lithuanian company documents, records and stamp in your own hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to shorten the process time, please come to our office and pick up the company’s documents on the same day.

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