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Lithuanian residence permit renewal

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We will help to foreigners in process of Resident Permit renewal. Renewing the Residence Permit foreigners can further reside in Lithuania, freely move in all Schengen area and certainly, engage the activity. According to the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens in the Republic of Lithuania and its regulations, a foreigner having Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) on basis of legal activity (business) must renew it continually. After five years of living in Lithuania foreigner has a right to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit that is usually issued for a period of five years, but before it, an alien has to pass an exam for knowledge of Lithuanian language and Constitution.

According to the regulations on the Legal Status of Aliens in the Republic of Lithuania that came into force since the 1st of November 2014, after decision approval by the Migration Department , first TRP card is issued to a foreigner for one year, and the following times will be renewed for a period of two years.

Please note :  it is important to submit a request for renewal of a Temporary Residence Permit on time!

Foreigner must submit a request for extension of a Temporary Residence Permit of Lithuania to the Migration Department, not sooner than four months and not later than two months before the current permit expires.  Thus, hurry up to contact with us for renewal of a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania.

You Will be Able to Renew Your Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania

In order to successfully renew a temporary residence permit in Lithuania an alien has to be able provide all the necessary documents, including documents concerning the running activity, financial statements of an own company, accounting documents concluded contracts with the customers and partners, also office lease agreement, employment contracts of your workers and etc. Migration Department officials will also check and examine whether the taxes are paid.

Migration Office has the right to refuse to extend your residence permit in cases if you will have indebtedness or arrears to different state institutions, or if you do not perform the obligations that specified in business activity descriptions. There is a threat to lose before obtained Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania and you will have to leave Lithuania (also all the Schengen territory ).

We Will Take Care of Your Temporary Residence Permit Renewal

Our experts have been working in this field for a long time.So, we will prepare all necessary documents. Our experience and close work with the Migration Department of Lithuania will let you extend the residence permit without any problems and you will save your time and money.


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